About us


So firstly, why is our logo a smile?

Well, believe it or not, we really enjoy what we do. Producing great websites is fun! Not only that, we try to share that sense of enjoyment with our clients.

You can find out more about us, what we do and how we do it, through the links on our home page. Alternatively, why not drop us a line either through our contact form or by email at info@pedrowebdesign.co.uk.



BuyLingerie front page

BuyLingerie wanted a web presence with comprehensive web shop functionality attractive to online shoppers. See it here: buylingerie.co.uk

Gamplan website

We recently launched the website for Gamplan Assoicates, Chartered Town Planners & Development Consultants. You can see it at www.gamplan.co.uk.

We've relaunched our website with a much more modern look and feel to it. Have a look around!

Our site

We've had fun creating our site, using a mix of features so you can see different approaches in one place. This will help you see some general features you like or dislike (for example, light and dark backgrounds).

Most of the site is what's called "responsive". Resize the page or look at it on your PC or phone and you'll see the content reorganise itself to make the best use of the screen available (look at what happens to the menu for example). Unfortunately, Internet Explorer versions 8 and earlier don't really support these features.

We'll be making regular changes to the site as new techniques become available so be sure to come back and see what's changed!