No, we don't have a garage full of servers! In fact we don't have any servers at all! So how can we offer hosting?

That might seem contradictory but it's not. We use specialist hosting companies to host the websites we build and maintain for our customers. Website hosting is really a commodity business and we could never compete with the many large companies who specialise in providing these services. So we carefully select companies for the service they provide. We need to be sure they can provide a reliable, fast hosting service able to host our customers' websites at a competitive price. Depending on the technology we use to build your website may mean some hosting providers are not suitable.

You might have a particular preference for a hosting provider. If so, we can almost certainly work with them. Let us know early on so we can make sure we take it into account when choosing the technology for your website.

And remember, if you already have a website which you want us to take responsibility for, we'll take care of any changes needed for moving hosting provider.